I realize some of the terminology used here can be a bit daunting for someone that has never purchased or researched a featherbed.  I’ve listed a few of the terms used on the site below with some definitions and reasons why they are important.

What is Down?
Down is the soft inner plumage of waterfowl such as ducks and geese. Down has numerous light, fluffy filaments extending in all directions, without a feather’s quill shaft. Down keeps birds cooler in summer yet warmer in winter, and provides breathable comfort.

Why is Down preferred?
Down has several very nice characteristics.  It retains heat keeping you warm but at the same time is very breathable which prevents perspiration.  Additionally it has a lighter feel and lasts longer than feathers.

What are Feathers?
Feathers are the plumage or out-growth forming the contour and external covering of fowl.  Feathers are characterized by a horny central shaft or quill.

What is Fill Power? 
Fill power is the number of cubic inches per ounce of down.  Fill power ranges from 300-800 cubic inches per ounce. Higher fill power means more warmth with less weight, creating a better way to sleep comfortably. Higher fill power down is also fluffier in appearance and provides a longer product life.

What is TC or Thread Count?
Thread count equals the number of threads per square inch. Higher thread count means a tighter weave for a softer and silkier feel to the fabric. For down featherbeds, slightly higher thread counts are required in order to prevent leakage of the down from the inside to the outside.

What does Baffle or Baffle Box Mean?
A baffle is a wall of fabric perpendicular to the top and bottom layers of the comforter fabric. The baffled walls allow the down to expand to its fullest potential for the highest loft and no cold spots. In other words, baffles help to give comforters the appearance of depth. Baffle box construction is of a higher quality than sewn-through stitching.

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